We are the number 1 sustainable plantation and investment management team of rubber tree plantations in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The steps of working details are as follow:

Rubber plantation

                This is the important step. First, rubber farmers will select rubber offspring, then check the size of the hole to grow, the width between each row and the baby tree itself. Everything must be standard in order to let air flow well.


How to take care and support

                For the first three years, if the trees are well care for, they will grow quickly and regularly. To get rid of the weed around the trees and give fertilizer, the rubber trees can get nutrition and sunlight completely. We have skilled labors to work on destroying weed and growing beans to cover the soil and to keep soil moisture. It helps control the weed as well. This is the way the nature controls  itself.



                Rubber tree is the only plant which is supported by Thai government through the Office of Rubber Replanting Aid Fund. This office is responsible for arranging training course for rubber farmers. They are trained from the first step until tapping and producing natural rubber sheets.

When rubber tree grows bigger enough to tap, we have to measure it at 1.50 meters high and 50 centimeters round the tree, then we can tap it. The workers who tap the trees are skillful and well trained from the government office mentioned above so that they can tap correctly. This is way to get the best quality of latex and keep the trees live longer.


Producing Smoked rubber sheets

Standard rubber sheets in Thailand are divided into 3 types; first, using criteria to judge the quality of rubber sheet from its thinness, cleanness including the bubble in the rubber sheets. The quality of rubber sheets which passed or production process is accepted to be the highest quality No.1. To have the rubber smoked it can help reduce moisture or leave the smallest amount. Moreover, it can be kept long for years. The quality we want to feed the market is smoked rubber No.1.(highest standard quality)which has small quantity in the Thai market.


 Selling rubber sheet

Since the quality of our smoked rubber sheets is at the highest standard, we can get the best price of rubber when compared to general price in the market and smoked rubber can be kept for years. We can sell them when they are in shortage or there are not enough in the market. It always happens in the dry season every year because most of the rubber plantations have already stopped tapping. We can sell the best price at this time.


               Previously we operated a rubber spare parts business working with rubber sheets on a daily basis. sin We then decided to create our own sustainable plantations to service demand for latex. We enjoy working with nature and helping stop global warming by planting trees.

                All our plantation systems are well tested and proven to deliver the fast grow trubber trees with best latex yield and quality. 

                We feel the demand for the natural product ensures our future and pension, as well as all our members. Much better than working to nearly 70 years old, like in the western world now.

                Our plantation projects welcome hundreds of visitors every year and you are welcome to join one of our organised tours which teach all about these beautiful trees and how to grow and make sustainable profits from them. If you'd like to visit us just - ''contact us''                                                                        


 How we started;

2006     Find information about organic agriculture, test fertilizer and other substance for agricultural use without chemical , compare quality of products between using chemical and organic fertilizer


2007    Marketing on organic and safety vegetable   Marketing plan for farmers who join the project and it is the starting year to test fertilizer with rubber trees in order to find quantity of latex and the weight of rubber sheets to compare to the products from using chemical fertilizer. The test result came out very well so rubber sheets marketing starts.


2008    Started a co-operative by inviting all rubber tree farmers to share information on experiences with the following: elite clones, tissue culture, rubber husbandry techniques with an end goal to produce quality No.1 by changing the tool to filter the latex. This includes how to make rubber sheet quality No.1. After that the rubber will be sold to the factory of the users directly; this factory is the biggest producer of Compound  Rubber in Bangkok.


2009    Start building pension from Rubber Plantation Project in order to be the base of producing and be ready to serve the market with good quality rubber. It also increases the standard of plantation without chemical substance.

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